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Tuesday, August 3



I'm a cat lover…I love cats damn much…n I like man who love cats…to me they r charming..
Its true indeed..i have a lot of male friend who live wif their cats..yuppie yup…the family of the house is him n his cats only…what’s charming bout ‘em?? Here’s what make me love man wif cats so much…

Cairel's cat...tgk dia lyn kucing mcm family kan

  • they r more loving than a man who dont hv cats as a pets...
betul..if korang bergaul dgn lelaki yg suke kucing ni..korang akan perasan yg dia tu penyayang...i ada sorang kawan tu...kucing dia ilang..dia sanggup tu cari...siap nanges lagi..bayang kan lau kucing tu ank dia or gf dia...lagi la dia nges kan...hehe

  • they r more committed to a relationship a.k.a loyal
i ckp mcm ni sbb slalu lelaki penyayang ni mmg setia n committed terhadap perhubungan...dia xkan biarkan kucing dia mati kelaparan...or sakit..or sedih...

ash n his cats...sgt sweet kan

  • they r more sensitive..
betul x?? slalu lelaki mcm ni lebih sensitive dr lelaki biasa...n i suke lelaki sensitive..dorang mcm akan jage hati kita lebih sbb dorang nk kita do the same to em...

  • they r more intimate (eh...sesuaikah perkataan ini??)
i suke lelaki manja..n lelaki yg suke kucing ni slalunya manja...suke!!!!

tp yg paling i suke is..

  • they sometimes treat me like a cat!!!!!
owh...i love it...buat lah selalu ye wahai encik ku-man - ku-man sekalian

to man out there...adopt me as ur cat now...pls..pls...i love to be pampered n be the queen of the house..mmmmeeeoooowwww~

here's some of my friend punye kucing...comel kan..

Cairel's cats...

the owner : Cairel..dia la yg cri kucing dia yg hilang tu

ash's cats

ash wif his kids..love this pic!!

p/s: hehe...ini sesi merepek myra....but the opinion is honestly come from my heart..n i really love man who love cats....

*ku-man : kucing man


Mr Noble said...

hmm.. tak penah jumpa lagi laki yg camni

Ainee Cumi said...

wauuu obses dengan kucing. Kucing dia comel comel. GERAM! Rasa nak picit-picit boleh?

Emira Darmia said...

mr noble : well..i ada byk kawan laki yg macam ni

ainee : xley la....dorang x bg...hahaha