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This is my blog. I speak my mind. But sometimes i speak my heart. So pardon me if what i wrote insult you or make you hurt or make u dislike me cuz this is just me!

Thursday, August 25

Quote of the day

"Kerja sampai mati dan kumpul duit sampai berbukit, tetapi tidak ada orang yang boleh membahagiakan untuk dikongsi bersama untuk apa.  Kebahagian hidup itu jauh lebih penting dan saya mahu mencari kebahagian itu" - Ally Iskandar

Thursday, August 4

Even though she's hurt

She sit by the window,
hugging his pillow and wait
for him to show....
She sit by the window,
you can see the smoke she blow
worried that he would not show....

She stare at the wall
looking at the clock and worried
cause he didn't answer her call
She glance again at the clock on the wall
and just keep staring at her phone
hopping he would call

oh dear, oh dear
why do you do this to her??
oh dear, oh dear
why cant you just hold her???
cause she is so madly in love with you
she is so deeply in love with you
even though  she's hurt.

fall quickly down her face
her heart pump like she's on a race
fall because of you
because of the bitterness in loving you

oh boy, oh boy
why do you do this to her??
oh boy, oh boy
can't you see she's hurting
for you she would do anything
even though she's hurt.

Sometimes you make her mad
Sometimes you make her laugh
Sometimes you make her feel
like rainbows fill the world.

All the shouting and yelling
Kicking and slapping
All the hugging and kissing
Pampering and love making
She can't stop loving you
No matter what you do
Even though she's hurt.

Oh love, oh love
why do you let tears run down her eyes??
Oh love, oh love
why didn't you appreciate her sacrifice??
can't you see she never tired of waiting??
can't you see her hurting??
can't you see the love is dying??
can't you see she is trying
to keep the flame burning....???

can't you see she can't stop loving??
can't you see her face is beautiful most
when she's smiling??
can't you see that you are
her prince charming??
even though she's hurt
even though you hurt her......

p/s : i dont know what to call it...a poem or what so ever..i just type it...