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Wednesday, June 29

Poem x jadi Untuk Mummy

The bond we make is too tight
It can't never be break or harm even in a fight
You find your way in a shining light
A rainbow at the end of the way you might get

The four of us use to eat together
We will sit and eat then come the laughter
Even my life is so complicated and full of disaster
Sitting with you guys make me happy and that's all that matter

I'm happy for you but thinking of the days without you;
make me gloom and it make me sad
All the things we do, all the memories we had
will always be playing by the projector inside my head

I know i'll see you again 
I know this is not goodbye
What a great experience i gain
farewell is not forever so there will be no sad lullaby

p/s : hehehe...mummy i created this for you just now...so if bunyik mcm x jadi tu wat bodoh je...miss ya!!!!
bosan la....mcm dah senyap sikit je kat office ni..so nampak sgt mummy suka wat bising..kehkehkeh


alidamahmod said...


adus....sedih giler mami baca poem ni...thanks a lot Bie..happy to go but sad to leave...and i have to choose either one...true that for us there's no gudbyes....will always try to find time to see and meet you, mama and wiwi...and let mama knows that 50% of my decision is based on her retirement plan next year...before she leave me...it's better that i leave her... hahahahaha.... miss uols already...salam untuk Man...tell him kalau dpt kemana2...do not forget to inform....nanti kita buat farewell tuk dia lak....lots of luv....muahhhh

Emira Darmia said...

okie mami...nnt b krim salam kat abg man...hehehe...


Emira Darmia said...

mama kata : pandailah kau!!!

alidamahmod said...

mmglah pandai...anak mama lah katakan ....hehehehe.... nampaknya masih panas lagi kisah mami ni... kesian kak anne...ada yang tanya marah2 kat dia...i just dont understad ppl...mami tak usik orang pun... tapi org kepoh sgt pasal mami ni naper? suka ati mak bapak akulah nak buat apa pun kan? what do you care? you help me pay my bills? no isnt it?...so baby all the best ngan environment kat situ...stay tough...do not simply trust people..careful to whom u want to share your prob or feelings ya...

Emira Darmia said...

ya allah...kak anne pown kena jugak ke?? bodoh la those ppl mami...they just dnt know how to mind they're own business or maybe talking about ppl make them feel great....orait...i will always keep that in mind

vampire's lovex said...

alololo..comey nye la dua org bestie ni hehehe..

ingt kan mami kandung u,rupa nye ofismate hehe..:P

Emira Darmia said...

yup office mate...sort of pet mom..