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Wednesday, May 25


Glee Cast - I Feel Pretty - Unpretty

Hi there,

I watched Glee yesterday (yes..yes..i'm a GLEEK) and i fall in love with the episode. That's why this entry is here today. Yesterday, it was about acceptance. Its all about me, you, your bf/gf, your sisters, your brothers, yada..yada...human! Its about us people. Its about how and why we should accept ourself. Dont lie to yourself by saying you love yourself they way it is when deep down inside you, you want to change yourself. Thats why plastic surgeon exist. I too myself admit, i want to change my self badly. Sometimes i feel ugly, really damn ugly and how i wish i can be beautiful like my friends (yes...i got dozens of beautiful friends and i envy their perfectness). Here's a list what i dont like about my self :-

  • I'm FAT!!!! - Seriously after finished my SPM i gained a lot of weight cause i'm not that playfull gurl    anymore..and i dont know why i'm not interested in sport anymore. Day by day i gain kilos by kilos. But i couldnt help it, i fall in love with food and cooking. I love to learn how to cook and eat. People make fun of me. Even boys always give me hard time, i still remember what my male bestfriend told me, he said "u and i are like soul mate, but if u're not fat i think ur more beautiful and maybe i'll make u my girlfriend". My mum and grandma thinks slim = beauty. I've tried to lose weigh by trying some of the product at the market but who am i kidding, i cant loose weigh cause i'm still the person who love food, glorious food! And now i'm kindda use to ppl calling me fat and i dont care bout it, cause i feel pretty, i feel hot and sexy to with this body.
  • I have a male and loud voice - yuppie yup i have a big voice and its loud too. People at my office love to make fun of my voice but i just go along with em and make fun of myself too. Thats the only way how i wont get hurt when they make fun of me.
  • I'm short - i always wished to be a stewardess. Awan Dania. But i have a short leg. I'm just 158cm. People dont make fun of my shortness but i find it hards to do things. I neet to climb on a chair just to get something out of high cupboard. Man, trust me..its hard.
  • My eyes are small and my eyelashes are short - this one i blame my late grandfather for being a siamese. I want a pretty eyes. Eyes like cats. Eyes that can flirt with other human.

Hahahaha, i have a lot of thing to complain bout myself right? mcm org ckp la, "tak bersyukur la kau nieh!!!" Eleh, u guys r just the same...dont lie!! But even tho i cant love who i am, i'm thankful enough for my family, friends, my pet moms, and my bf for loving me like i'm perfect. Thanks. I will try to learn my self more and more, day by day ok. Thats a promise, and u guys should too~

p/s : i read in some blogs they said Glee is bad influence for us cause it is too open (gay and lesbian are accepted in that story) and those kind of ppl are wrong in my religion. So they asked to banned it. But to me, u just need to use ur brains, think outside of the box, think positively, see the good example they try to seal in teenagers heart not the bad one. 


ama said...

Glee! sambil tunjuk L atas dahi. :p

Jo Hey said...

the earth will swallow the water and spit out,
the clouds will refill the oceans.